Mediterranean: a biome highly threatened 

Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems are facing increasing desertification because of the worsening of environmental pressures (global change), leading to biodiversity lost and socio-economic crises. The establishment of global political strategies aiming at a better management of these ecosystems is thus crucial for their conservation.

خَرُّوبٌ, the black gold of the Mediterranean basin

In this context, Ceratonia siliqua L. (carob tree), named "black gold" of Cyprus, a xerophilous tree adapted to Mediterranean climate, appears as a key model to develop efficient afforestation/restoration programs, proposing a solution with high socio-economic added values to the increasing population demand.

Microbiome-tree interaction for sustainable terrestrial ecosystems

The carob tree is a non-nodulated legume highly dependent of mycorrhizal symbiosis for its survival and productivity. These beneficial interactions taking place in Mediterranean carob-based (agro)ecosytems are central in DYNAMIC project.

DYNAMIC should give new insights on the ecological drivers governing host-symbiont specificity and efficiency and propose new avenues for efficient ecological engineering strategies applied to ecosystem restoration and ecological intensification of (agro)ecosystems.

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